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Unless stated otherwise, ALL general meetings of the Los Angeles Mycological Society are held in the Times-Mirror Meeting Room at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, 900 Exposition Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA  90007

Important Note to LAMS members and other meeting attendees who may be using an old map: People who are unfamiliar with the area should be aware that the short stretch of Menlo Ave. near the Museum and Exposition Park has now been renamed Bill Robertson Lane, and street signs have been changed accordingly.

General Meetings:
From the Harbor Freeway, I-110, EXIT at Exposition Blvd.  There is a stoplight at the bottom of the offramp.  CROSS Figueroa Boulevard at an angle and go WEST on Exposition Boulevard past the Museum of Science and Industry.  After about 4 blocks you will reach Bill Robertson Lane where there is a stoplight, just past a bronze sculpture of two dinosaurs on the south side of Exposition Blvd at the corner of Exposition and Bill Robertson Lane.

Beginning with the January, 2013 meeting we will begin using the Museum parking lot we used until May, 2009.  This lot is east of Bill Robertson Lane at the northwest corner of the Museum.  The entrance is approximately 100 feet south of Exposition Boulevard  The new lot is adjacent to the Museum and is more secure than where we presently park and will also not require a crossing of Bill Robertson Lane as in the past.  Please do not park in the "EVENT PARKING" lot on the west side of Bill Robertson Lane that we have used for the past three years.

Entry to the building is now through the door to the Museum's Delacour Auditorium on Bill Robertson Lane/Menlo. The auditorium door is on the southwest corner of the building, and faces the south lawn of the Museum.  After parking walk south toward the Colisseum toward the employee entrance at the southwest corner of the museum.  To reach the Times Mirror Room (TMR), first check in at the security desk in the Delacour Auditorium lobby where you will receive a museum visitor badge, and then descend a short flight of stairs at the right rear side of the room which leads to the TMR Annex, which adjoins the Meeting Room.

As usual, there will be signs with arrows directing you to the Times Mirror Room.



A vicinity map of the Natural History Museum is here.


The directions for forays are accessed from the Calendar and are included on the page describing the foray, if there is one.

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