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Office Name Phone Email- To send email, paste address into "To:" field of your email program and replace "at" with the @ symbol--make sure there are NO spaces.
President Gordon Harding (909) 628-6976 gpharding1 at verizon.net
VP / Program Chairman Mark Carnessale (323) 229-1689 mcarnessale at earthlink.net
Treasurer Rich Collier (818) 903-0545 LAMStreasurer at gmail.com
Secretary Therry Vargas
varkoo at yahoo.com
Newsletter Editor Mohamad Ismail (310) 578-7019 pxmrwest at msn.com
Past-President Linda Witt
Membership Secretary Rich Collier membership at lamushrooms.org
Field Trip Chairman Steven Pencall fieldtrips at lamushrooms.org
Culinary Advisor Andre Kohler andre at purp7e.com
Bookseller vacant
Librarian Albert Chang (602) 418-2900 afchangusa at gmail.com
Resident Mycologist Florence Nishida (213) 763-3528 florence.nishida at gmail.com

Mary Harding

(909) 628-6976

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