November 20 (Monday) 7:30 PM LAMS General Meeting, Times-Mirror Meeting Room, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Speaker: Steve Farrar, Chief Technical Officer, M2 Ingredients, Inc.

Program: "Medicinal Mushrooms Going Mainstream"

Steve will discuss technical and regulatory aspects of the production, processing and labeling of medicinal mushroom products in the USA and how this market and consumer interest in medicinal mushrooms has matured and expanded over the past decade. He will discuss the relative merits of wild crafted medicinal mushrooms, artificially-cultured medicinal mushrooms, fruit body products, mycelial biomass products and the relative merits of extracted vs un-extracted, whole food mushroom products. He will present recent research on the therapeutic, health-promoting properties of several species of medicinal mushrooms that are currently "trending" and attracting increasing attention by both the public and health practitioners.



Steve Farrar


Steve Farrar has been growing culinary and medicinal mushrooms for over 30 years. He has commercially produced many mushroom species as fresh produce items including Oyster, Enoki, Maitake, Shiitake, King Trumpet and Beech mushrooms. In 2007, his focus turned to the production and processing of select species of medicinal mushrooms for use as functional foods and dietary supplement ingredients. These medicinal mushrooms are produced utilizing a proprietary Solid State Fermentation process that produces medicinal mushroom mycelial biomass powders under the brand names "Mushroom Matrix" and "OM Organic Mushroom Nutrition" in Carlsbad, CA. Development of this process and selection of the species and substrate for production involved multiple trips to Japan, Taiwan and Europe as well as consultation and cooperation with many mycological colleagues.  Steve holds a BS and MS in Horticulture from Washington State University.


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