IMPORTANT UPDATE!  Please see the directions page for a change to the entrance to our meeting room. (Hint: the long walk through the bowels of the Natural History Museum is over.)

May 21 (Monday) 7:30 PM LAMS General Meeting, Times-Mirror Meeting Room, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Speaker: Christian Schwarz, coauthor, "Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast”

Program: "Bottoms Up! Visions for the Future of a North American Mycoflora"

We are riding the early stages of a wave of change in the way taxonomy and floristics are done. I'll be talking about the de-professionalization of taxonomy, open-access publishing, citizen science, and more.


Christian Schwarz with jack o'lantern, Omphalotus olivascens


Christian Schwarz is a naturalist currently living in Santa Cruz, the land of milk (caps) and honey (mushrooms). He studied Ecology and Evolution at UC Santa Cruz, and now spends his time photographing, teaching about, and making scientific collections of macrofungi. He is coauthor of "Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast" (  Fungi satisfy his curiosity with their seemingly endless forms – from the grotesque to the bizarre to the sublimely beautiful. Besides dabbling in mushroom taxonomy, he’s an excitable birder, mediocre fisherman, and passionate about citizen science – particularly through the use of iNaturalist.


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